My parents were an integral role to my start in glass, as they gifted me beginners glassblowing lessons for my birthday in 2014--for which I am forever grateful.

I began my glassblowing journey in 2014 at a private studio in Warrenton, Virginia. Tom Veirs, my mentor, and I established a work-exchange which allowed me to run the gallery in exchange for studio-time. I quickly fell in love with the immediate gratification of working with glass.In 2015 I moved to Asheville, North Carolina where I began honing my skills under the guidance of my best friend and partner, Michael Krupiarz. Since living in Asheville I have been focusing on making hanging planters which meshes my love of glass and a slight succulent addiction. Recently, I began an exploration in sculpting flowers. My goal is to merge these sculpted flowers with blown vessels.

The colors I choose to work with are those that hold meaning to me. The majority of pieces I make are intended to be functional, either housing baubles or plant buddies. In regards to the sculpted flowers I am hoping to develop stronger sculpting skills, and I hope that this will help me to explore a path of glass sculpture. 

Vessels are hand blown and usually reflect that on their butts (bottoms). The process of creating a glass vessel requires the gaffer (glass blower) to transfer the piece from a bubble on the blowing iron (hollow metal rod) to a punty (solid metal rod). When the piece is transferred, the gaffer is inverting the axis and creating a small pontil mark, or a scar, on the base of the piece. Therefore, my pieces will have a scar on its butt, showing that it is indeed handmade but with out a doubt made with love.

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